The Vision and Philosophy of the Institute is facilitated by its organisational structure -One of being an artistic community of faculty and students.

Some of the faculty at IDEAL are drawn from former students of both IDEAL and the Reflections Design Studio and are extremely skilled and experienced in their areas of study.
In addition they run their own studios and continue to enrich their skills, working on the premise of learning being a continuous ongoing process facilitated by the skills of working in a highly competitive market.

The Faculty is comprised of Artists, Architects, Fashion Designers and Engineers.
The student-faculty ratio is very small and the programme is tailored to individual abilities thereby ensuring that each student works to his/her own potential.

Aims and Objectives

• To awaken and encourage Creativity and Originality in design
• To provide exposure to the wide range of existing media
• To provide a ‘hands on’ studio based education in the new age media of Glass/ Wood/ Fabric
• To provide an atmosphere that initiates independent thinking and promotes a cross-cultural perspective through its projects in industry and in its community service programmes.


The Institute has fully equipped and streamlined studio facilities.

The Institute has an in-house library, which includes periodicals and journals in related fields, art books featuring the Lives and Works of the Great Masters, History of Art as well as books dealing with innovative techniques in the areas of glass, wood, textiles etc. Students also have access to a number of CD Rom databases.

There are also institutional membership facilities with other libraries for additional information.

There are computer facilities at the Institute.
Specific time schedules will be allotted to specific classes for computer usage.
These will be posted on the notice boards from time to time.

IDEAL has a Gift Shop where products made by the studio are on sale.
This is managed by the students.
There is also an Art Supply Store, run by our senior students.

The Reflections Design Studio has project work on and off-site throughout the year.
Students from IDEAL can participate in such work, according to their abilities as evaluated by the faculty.
Students will be given extra credits for on-site work (and will be graded according to their performance and contributions) on these projects.

Students also are offered internship facilities both in IDEAL and in the industry according to their performance.

IDEAL provides the facility for Community service with its project ‘Liberation’ in the Little Rann of Kutch. The project targets the women and Children of the Salt Pan Workers.

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